Review: “Frozen”

First of all,… I don’t know what happened, but I stopped writing in this blog that I love so much. But, coming back from the “dark-time-of-writing”, I decided to write a review about a movie that I loved so much. A movie that taught great things for this new generation. Frozen.

Frozen, to me has two sides of a story; the cliché one, where love-destroys-all-evil. And the new one, which girl-power-rules, (of course, ladies!).

I loved pretty much everything about this movie, and I’m supposed to say that it brought me back to my childhood, but it didn’t. This movie is part of my adolescence, and being at my age and watching this movie with my best friend, I realized how Disney grabbed every single awkward moment in a girl’s life and gave life to an amazing character, which is Anna.

I probably loved this movie so much, because I identified myself with one of the leading characters. I loved how the “Prince Charming” is actually this pretty awesome good-looking-but-not-amazing-looking guy.

The songs for this movie, are absolutely brilliant and beautiful. I kind of have “Let It Go”, stuck in my head. (Not the Demi Lovato one,…because that one isn’t very good. Actually, it sucks. You should all listen to Idina’s one, that one is gold.)

Everyone. Seriously,…E V E R Y O N E, should watch this movie. Because it’s beautiful, heart-touching, spectacular, and pure Disney-perfection.

10 out of 10 stars!


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