Review: ¨Prisoners¨

Review: ¨Prisoners¨

I was dying to watch this movie, because I loved the trailer and I love Hugh Jackman, (Keller Dover), and I love Jake Gyllenhaal, (Detective Loki).

While watching the trailer, I thought that this movie would be an intense thriller, and I wasn’t wrong. I liked it. It is an intense thriller. Which I enjoyed it. I only thought it was very long and slow. I thought the movie was taking four hours to finish, but when it did finished I couldn’t get enough. I wanted more and more.

The movie is about Keller Dover’s, (Jackman), daughter. She is kidnapped, and that’s when the real intense moments starts. As I said this movie is slow, but it provides amazing acting from the part of the cast, and it is a privileged cast. It also provides special moments of excitement and rush. That kind of rush that fulfills your body, asking for more. And that is what every movie should cause. That emotion of desire.

So, I thought it was a very enjoyable film, even though it could have been a little bit more fast on the details. But whatever, I’m no good at gathering details and not even understanding them. But I recommend this one, if you are looking for a slow-paced-but-awesome-kind-of-film this is the one.

7.5 out of 10 stars!


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