Just…Written Papers!

Just...Written Papers!

YA novels. Yes! Everyone, (most people), enjoy a good book. And who, (again…most people), doesn’t?

I remember the time that I hated to read, and now I thank God and my mother, that I love to read. Everything comes with reading and then picturing the characters and the surroundings of that marvelous book. But, there’s one thing…Just ONE thing…that could or couldn’t ruined it all…MOVIES.

I love movies, if I didn’t why would I own a blog about that topic? But I love to read and when I read a book, I casually ask myself if this piece of art, turns into a movie, “Who would be the actors to play the characters?” But lately, I’ve realized that since “Harry Potter” or “The Lord of The Rings” is not on the movie theater, production companies started to buy the rights for each book like crazy. And come on people, if you are going to ruin a book who has a fan base behind it, don’t buy the rights. Because we, fans, would love to see the books that we love coming to “real life”. And if you ruin it, we will hunt you down and kill you. Like some people did with “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones”, “Beautiful Creatures”, “Twilight”, (even though it was a terrible book to start with). But fans love their books and they want their books to be successful. How would you like to read a book, and you love it and suddenly that book turns into a shitty movie, and you keep thinking, “Why would they do that?” or “Now I feel stupid, because everyone will criticize my book” , but that’s okay you just need to punch them really hard on the face…so they’ll stop talking.

I’m happy to see that a trilogy that I’ve read has turned into a major film, yep, I’m talking about “The Hunger Games”. And I’m proud to say to people, “Hey, I’ve read that book, and you should do it too.”

There is one book that I’ve read and I really love it and I think everyone should read it. It’s called “Divergent”. I’m anxious and scared to watch the movie, but I am expecting something great. Not only because there are amazing actors in that movie, (Kate Winslet, I’m talking to you. But Theo, Shailene, Maggie Q,… okay! I loved the ENTIRE cast! And the director.)

I don’t actually know what my point is in this post, I really don’t. I just wanted to let my opinion out. And my opinion is… Don’t buy the rights to a book if you are going to turn it into a dreadful, awful, hideous movie.

Just one more thing, click at the photo of “Divergent” to watch the trailer. It’s good, but they could have done it a better trailer. So expect the second trailer because I just can’t wait. But click on it and watch it.


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