Review: ¨The Bucket List¨

Review: ¨The Bucket List¨

This movie has left me speechless. I love Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. Putting them up together in a film was an incredible idea. They are both legends, and this movie isn’t the only one who proves it.

At the beginning of the movie we find an extremely smart guy, who Morgan Freeman portrays so nicely. Then we have Jack Nicholson, a rich man, who has everything but has nothing at the same time. Then we find them at the hospital, both with terminal cancer. And in that hospital a special bond starts to form. That lead them into an adventure to fulfill their Bucket List, before their life is over.

I loved this movie, and I honestly think that delivered a very special message. ¨Live your life to the fullest.¨

8.5 out of 10 stars!


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