Review: “Kick-Ass 2”

ImageI finally got to watch “Kick-Ass 2”! I’m happy for that and I’m sorry for the movie. I hated it. What a BIG disappointment. I was looking forward for this movie, and look how a big failure it was. Kill me. Seriously kill me. 

Was it funny? Sure, like a 55% of funny moments.

Does it entertain you? Yep…

So why am I saying that I hated it? Because the movie is exaggerated on its extreme. I don’t care if they were doing exactly as the comic. I would have filmed the first one only. The first one is the best. 

Another thing, if Jim Carrey didn’t like his own movie, why the hell did he do it?  

In the first one you could enjoy each character development throughout the movie, in this one, nothing. What happened to the other characters? Where’s Evan Peters? Where’s Lyndsy Fonseca? She just appeared like one time, to say: “Dave you were sleeping with a middle-schooler?! We’re done!” And that was it.. 

If you liked the first one, just watch the second one, to watch the epilogue of Kick-Ass.

5 out of 10 stars





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