The Burned Man Of Your Dreams

The Burned Man Of Your Dreams

A weekend ago, I took my time to watch these movies of Freddy Krueger. I’m just going to say, that I hated Freddy when I was younger. He scared the heck out of me.

I remember being little and my uncle rented horror movies, so the both of us could watch. And I was practically a two-year-old-little-girl. But I am so very thankful to my uncle. (I know he’s going to read this), I just want to say that thanks to you, uncle, I was never like the other girls. You made me love scary movies. So, THANK YOU. (And, everyday you are younger than you were. Like seriously just stop! But I love you!)

So, yeah…back on the Freddy Krueger thing. I loved the first movie. Hated the second one.

I was surprised to see Johnny Depp there, and he was so young! And Wes Craven actually did a good job on this one. Because he has made awful decisions with the “Scream” movies. I used to love “Scream” when I was little, because it was entertaining and now that I grew up, I just realized it was stupid. Not the first one, just the other three.

“Nightmare On Elm Street” it’s awesome and gruesome. I love it. And “Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge”, was unnecessary. The only thing I actually liked about the second movie was that I got to see Meryl Streep’s clone.

Now, that I’m older I can actually enjoy Krueger. He’s fun-watching.

Nightmare On Elm Street: 8 out of 10 Stars!
Nightmare On Elm Street 2: 4 out of 10 Stars!


3 thoughts on “The Burned Man Of Your Dreams

  1. Hahahahaha, incrivelmente maravilhoso o primeiro filme da série, mesmo eu, na época não era tão jovem ( talvez quanto hoje ) tomava sustos ( real, não sou medroso mas, ODEIO tomar sustos ) porém são classicos que vieram propagar na época, um novo tipo de terror, um terror com fundo de humor negro, se propicienda de tecnologias novas para a epoca que até então não contavam, os filmes anteriores com tais novidades, e realmente causaram impacto, prova disto são os personagens que se mantem a mais de 20 anos, sejam em video, HQs ou jogos ! Obrigado minha sobrinha pela homenagem, ainda que seja bem ao meu estilo, com um toque de humor negro, muahuahuahauhau, te amo!

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