I Think I Got Ass-Kicked

I Think I Got Ass-Kicked

On Friday, I was ready to watch Kick-Ass 2. What can I say? I have a big crush on Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and I loved the first one.

I got in the cinema, and the man selling the tickets, asks me and my friend;

-How old are you?-

I couldn’t lie. I am a terrible terrible liar.

He wanted to see my ID. And I didn’t have my ID with me. And the worst it’s that I’m underage. (Guess being 18 got it’s privileges.) So yeah… I couldn’t watch Kick-Ass 2. I basically got my Ass-Kicked,… not physically, but emotionally and metaphorically.

But I will try again to watch it this Friday, or I will watch The Conjuring that it’s going to be scary as hell.


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