Getting Started…

Hey people!

So it’s being a while since I’ve wanted to own a blog. I finally got the “balls” to make one. The idea of blogging was nice, but as I did it, I couldn’t make it through. People said that I should write about a theme. Only one subject. But, which one? I’m obsessed with: movies; books; fashion; music; and what I love the most in this world–FOOD! (But I don’t know anything about food, only that I love to eat it.) Okay, getting back on track.. I decided to make this blog about movies. I love movies, and WHO doesn’t love a good movie?

I love to write, when the teachers give an assignment in class about writing something, I’ll probably be the only one who will write six pages or more.

My point is this is going to be my first blog. And I’ll make anything to make it as-fun-read as ever! I hope that you’ll enjoy it as much as I’ll do!



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